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IP Addresses and Economics

Last week, I presented a paper at the joint Nanog 53 & ARIN XXVIII meeting which I did as part of an elective at SeattleU for my MBA program.  The paper entitled “Economics of IPv4 Transfer Market on IPv6 Deployment” discusses some of the economic aspects of the new IPv4 address market and the IPv6 transition.

Economics of IPv4 Transfer Market on IPv6 Deployment

Abstract: Internet Protocol numbers are used every day by billions of people who communicate over the Internet.  These unique identifier numbers allow the computers, mobile devices, and servers on the Internet to communicate with each other.   The Internet developed under a numbering system known as IPv4.  The IPv4 available number pool is largely expected to be depleted in some regions starting in 2011.  A new numbering scheme, known as IPv6, has been developed but has not been largely deployed.  The lack of easily available IPv4 numbering resources and the lack of IPv6 compatible networks could cause a number of changes to the Internet including limiting growth, changing overall architecture, and restricting free information access.   Here we examine the background of the IP addressing schemes, the economics behind the management of these scarce resources, and how these may affect the implementation of IPv6 into the Internet.

Presentation slides

Video of presentation

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