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Routing table growth causes some hiccups

News reports have been circulating over the past couple of days that various service providers have hit the 512k route mark in their BGP tables on their routers and switches causing outages and other problems.  A number of hardware platforms, notably older Cisco hardware, have default limits in their configurations which limit route tables sizes to 512k routes.  When these limits are breached the older hardware slows down or otherwise stop functioning as expected. Cisco issued a bulletin in May to providers with workaround procedures for some platforms.

The growth in the global route table has been fairly stable over the past couple of years and this is growth has been expected for a long time and yet still Internet service providers were not prepared in time for this event.

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  • andrewdul says:

    The Wall Street Journal reported today in an update to this issue that Verizon apparently was one of the prime triggers of some providers going offline. A planned maintenance caused additional routes to be injected into the BGP table pushing the global table beyond the 512k level.

    The 512K ‘Crisis’ Makes Its Mark

    I still find it incredible that well known providers were caught off guard by this issue. The growth of the BGP table has been known to pass the 512k mark for years and there should have been plenty of time for providers to upgrade their routers or apply workarounds. Furthermore, this only seems to illustrate that despite the incredible success of the Internet as a communications platform, it is still frail to known and unknown issues.

    August 20, 2014 at 00:43

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