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ARIN XXIX meeting update

ARIN’s XXIX regional meeting in Vancouver, Canada concluded last week.  A couple of notable discussions occurred.

An updated IPv4 transfer policy 2012-1 was discussed alongside the 2011-1 inter-RIR transfer policy which is pending implementation and board adoption.  ARIN staff noted that the inter-RIR transfer policy will be ready for implementation in about 90 days.  I expect that the ARIN board will implement and move forward with implementing inter-RIR transfers using the revised 2012-1 text which is currently in last call on the public policy mailing list.

A policy 2012-3 to allow ASN numbers to be transferred in a method similar to the existing IPv4 transfers was recommended for last call.  While the circumstances for transfer are different compared with IPv4 transfers, ARIN’s general counsel is recommending that adopting the policy reduces legal liability for ARIN.  During the meeting it was also noted that there is an existing bankruptcy case pending which contains an ASN which has been requested to be transferred.  It seems likely that the board will adopt this policy in due time.

Finally, the community considered a policy 2012-4 to reverse the current 3 month supply restriction on IPv4 allocations.  This policy would have modified the policy to allow a 12-month supply while ARIN has at least a /8 equivalent in its free pool.  This policy would likely have caused the run-out in the ARIN region to proceed faster.  The policy was recently abandoned by the Advisory Council which indicates the current 3 month supply policy is likely to continue until ARIN’s IPv4 free pool is exhausted.