IP Address News

Providing you with a single site about IP Addresses News and Usage

IP Address News - Providing you with a single site about IP Addresses News and Usage

About this Blog


I created this blog to focus on Internet industry news specifically regarding IP addressing.  With the IPv4 address pool depleting, the new IPv4 transfer market, and IPv6 struggling to be adopted the Internet will be changing as numbering resource availability changes.

I hope this to be a great source of information about IP addressing.

Andrew Dul


Blog Contributors:

Andrew Dul is currently an independent networking & systems infrastructure consultant at 8 Continents Networks LLC and has been working in various Internet networking positions since 1996.  He moved to Seattle in 1998 to join the start-up network service provider, Internap. Following Internap, Andrew went to work on the Internet in the sky at Connexion by Boeing.  During his time at The Boeing Company he helped develop the global network that supported the first commercial inflight Internet service. He also helped engineer the first IP based GSM & CDMA flying pico cell demonstration flights in 2005.  After Boeing, Andrew served a Seattle based nationwide law firm as their Systems and Network Architect before joining Cascadeo in 2010 as a Network and Systems Consultant.  Andrew has been involved with American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) for over 15 years helping to contribute to the development of global IP number resource policy.

He has been serving the Internet community on the ARIN Advisory Council since 2014 and also formerly served from 2002-2005.  Andrew holds a bachelors of science in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis and a Masters in Business Administration with a Leadership Formation specialization from Seattle University, Albers School of Business and Economics.


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