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IP Address News - Providing you with a single site about IP Addresses News and Usage

LACNIC begins InterRIR IPv4 address transfers

LacNIC announced today that they will start processing InterRIR IPv4 address transfers. LACNIC has been in the process of preparing for this for almost a year after the policy proposal LAC-2019-1: IPv4 Resource Transfer Policy (comprehensive) was ratified in June of 2019.

ARIN has announced that its InterRIR transfer policy is compatible with LACNIC’s and thus addresses can now be transferred between the two regions. I expect RIPE and APNIC also be be able to transfer IPv4 addresses to LACNIC shortly.

This leaves AfriNIC as the only region now without an InterRIR transfer policy. Transfer policies continue to be discussed in the region but none has achieved consensus thus far. Three transfer policy drafts are listed as Under Discussion on the AfriNIC Policy Proposals page now in mid-July 2020.



Portion of 43/8 to be sold to fund Asia-Pacific Internet Development

APNIC in a blog posting announced that a portion of the 43/8 (Class A) IPv4 block will be sold to fund Asia-Pacific Internet development.

The 43/8 block was originally allocated to the WIDE (Widely Integrated Distributed Environment) Project in Japan. Now with the IPv4 address market firmly established and this block being underutilized the registrant of the block has decided to transfer a portion of the block to other users via the IPv4 address market.

What makes this transaction unique is that the block is being transferred to a charitable organization with the requirement that the block be sold and the proceeds used to fund Internet Development. As part of this process APNIC is being more involved in the transaction and is accepting the block for transfer under these conditions. The block(s) are being transferred to Asia Pacific Internet Development Trust as the first part of this transaction.

Read more at the full blog post from APNIC…

Announcement regarding IPv4 Address Block 43/8 (copy)

IPv4 pricing data update

Hilco Streambank has published a set of IPv4 pricing data which shows a section of the IPv4 market. While the IPv4 market is opaque various disclosures have given us a peek into the market. From the $11.25 Microsoft paid in 2011 various data sources have shown the price of an IPv4 address creeping up toward $20.00.

Hilco’s data supports the rise and also starts to show a flattening of the market prices around $20. There are many factors which are affecting IPv4 address pricing, and this is just Hilco’s view, but it does provide buyers and sellers some insight into the market for IPv4 addresses.

2019 IPv4 Address Market Roundup (copy)

2019 Addressing

Geoff Huston has posted his annual review of the addressing world. Here are a few of my notes from reviewing the addressing and BGP reports.

  • IPv4 transfer transactions continued to grow in 2019, but the volume of addresses transferred fell to just over 44 million from highs in 2017 & 2018.
  • In the past 24 months the number of unadvertised /8s has actually risen from the 44-45 range to close to 50. This would seem to indicate that possibly the largest blocks have stopped being routed, and were transferred to other entities, but were not readvertised to the public Internet, yet, or that they are now being used internally for some purpose.
  • IPv4 blocks which are transferred are being broken up into smaller blocks in the ratio of approximately 9.5:1. That is for every original block which is transferred and broken up into smaller blocks 9.5 new blocks are created from the original.
  • US to US transfer transactions continue to dominate the transfer market with about 30 million of the 44 million in transfers in 2019.

BGP 2019-1 (copy)

BGP 2019-2 (copy)

Addressing 2019 (copy)