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Providing you with a single site about IP Addresses News and Usage

IP Address News - Providing you with a single site about IP Addresses News and Usage

Recent Addressing Reports

Here are links to a few recent reports regarding IP addressing updates and a couple of items I noticed in each of them.

BGP in 2017 (copy)

  • The IPv4 routing table continues to grow at a relatively linear way of 8-10% per year
  • We have reached the density of 170.1 /8 IPv4 equivalents in the global route table of a possible 223
  • The IPv6 routing table grew 31% in 2017, continuing a trend of 20-30% per annum growth
  • There are approximately 8,500 vs. 2,600 IPv6 transit ASNs and 51,200 vs. 11,200 stub ASNs

Addressing in 2017 (copy)

  • Direct allocations from RIRs continues to fall to 15.6M addresses in 2017 from 22.2 in 2016 as supplies dwindle within the RIRs
  • Based on current run-rates the existing pools within the RIRs will be fully exhausted between mid-2019 and early 2021 (AfriNIC)
  • The number of transfers rose to 3,397 in 2017 from 3,719 in 2016, but the volume of addresses transferred nearly doubled over the same time period 64M vs. 33M
  • The IPv4 market in the US is the source of the largest volume of IPv4 transfers (111M) and also the destination of largest volume of transfers (113M)
  • The top 5 destinations for IPv4 transfers are the US,¬† France, China, India, UK

Avenue4 State of the IPv4 Market 2017 (copy)

  • Q4 pricing: $16/address for blocks < 4k, $15/address for blocks 65k – 130k, $18/address for blocks¬† > 1M
  • Noted increase in the number of small block transfers, and a few very large block transfers

On IPv4 transfer markets: Analyzing reported transfers and inferring transfers in the wild


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